“We appreciate your thoroughness.”   

“PMC proved to be a valuable resource for us at PlanarMag. Their background and experience allowed us to complete an in- depth analysis of the competitive market in Asia for the products we are bringing to market. Their work was detailed, thorough, and real-time. We would highly recommend their work to anyone interested in the areas of wound magnetics. As this market is rapidly evolving, having the right contact at the right time is critical. We were very pleased with their efforts.”                                                                                                                                   

“Last year you saved company $750,000 by holting budgeted automation with your convincing analysis. What’s the next stop of your ‘magic wand’?”

“Your estimates on our number of people needed, space required, and product cost prior to going into production, were very accurate. I wish I had hired you sooner.”

“Thanks for working with designers to redesign the Power Output transformer. It really made manufacturing easier, efficient and cost effective.” 

“We appreciate PMC’s help and guidence in achieving UL approvals for the coils and manufacturing facility economically and timely manner.”

“Muchas gracias para comprender la cultura mexicana. Eso hizo mover de la fabricacion de transformadores mas facil”.