– Cost reduction savings generated from $300,000 to 1,500,000 annually  ……..There is always a room for cost reduction!

Redesigned ‘Difficult to Manufacture’ Output transformer by empathetically bringing designer and manufacturing personnel together and keeping product’s ‘form, fit and function’ and cost unchanged   .…..Yes, it is possible to bridge that seemingly impossible divide! .. by building trust with warmth, caring and humor. click here for details

– Improved transformers’ quality from 3 sigma to 5.5 sigma and reduced cost by 12% at the same time…..It takes discipline and passion but, it is achievable to say the least!

– Moved production from USA to Mexico. Commissioned new facilities in China, India and South America …..World is becoming smaller and working across the world is a necessity! click here for details

– Conducted an in-depth analysis of the competitive market in Asia for a USA based mangetics start-up company. Developed, prepared and presented the information that was critical to their decision making ……Market is changing fast and an up-to-date information is critical for the business!

– Successfully phased out USA manufacturing without interrupting supply to customers and with relocating personnel in other meaningful jobs  ….Good planning, warmth and caring made it happen!

– Reduced Line Shortages to nil using the best magnetic manufacturing practices  ….See how empowerment without fear of punishment, team work, trust building, discipline, and proactive actions make impossible possible click here for details

– Reviewed solenoid design, manufacturing processes and manufacturing facility for obtaining UL approval of the coil and manufacturing facility. Suggested changes and obatined UL approvals at minimum cost……Understanding needs of both the sides helped obtaining the approvals straight forward. 


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– These are your accomplishments of your and our working together –