Our Approach

Power Magnetics Consultancy (PMC)

The foundation of San Diego, USA, based PMC was laid on founder's more than 30 years of hands-on experience in WWC at Motorola, Philips Electronics of North America and Zenith Electronics.

The international experience includes successful planning and commissioning of facilities in USA, Mexico, China, India and South America.

Being in industry for long and lived through variety of problem solving situations, he understands how valuable it is to find cost effective solutions in a timely manner. He has a neck to see the woods without losing the site of the trees...and to find the best way out.  He holds a MBA from DePaul University, Chicago, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

He equally values caring, warmth and humor. He places great emphasis on getting to know his customers from operator to CEO, and,makes sure they all feel comfortable and in control of meeting their needs.

The successful unwinding of customers' problems and meeting their needs, with superior skill combined with warmth, caring and humor, has remain our greatest satisfaction and reward.

Our Approach... To Solution

PMC gets to the core (pun not intended!) in finding

First choice of course, is to find a 'perfect' solution.

Should that not be possible, PMC, then, carves out an 'optimized' solution........a win-win solution satisfying internal and external customers.

PMC does not stop there. It shows steps towards
progressively producing efficient WWC at minimum
cost and without interrupting production.

Benefit from PMC's more than 30 years of all-round
experience in manufacturing and designing of WWC in Power Electronics.

Bring harmony to your WWC operations with PMC
time-tested solutions...and peace of mind!

You will feel at ease in our collaboration.

Our Story


Power Magnetics Consultancy (PMC)

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We combine superior skill with warmth, caring, and humor.